Welcome to Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry (CAID)

As Australia’s answer to an aesthetic society and the internationally changing need for high-end all encompassing dental super-clinics, we don’t just follow the standard, we strive to set it for aesthetic, functional and long-lasting tooth replacement and smile enhancing solutions.

Home of the original All On 4 Plus treatment concept, today’s best alternative to dentures or deteriorating teeth, our team has the focus, experience and expertise to deliver consistent results.

Contemporary Dental Implants Clinic, Melbourne.

Our state-of-the-art dental implants Melbourne clinic is internationally renowned and has been frequented by some of Australia’s most progressive and leading professionals. Boasting the latest in dental technology with a dedicated on-site laboratory, CT radiology department, and operating theatres for sedation and sleep dentistry, our purpose-built facility is complemented by our experienced team of cosmetic dentists - Melbourne university graduates, implant surgeons, specialists anaesthetists and oral health therapists, together striving to deliver optimal dental care in a most comfortable and streamlined fashion whilst remaining competitive.

Smile… It’s Good for You.

Having a beautiful smile may be important not only for confidence, but it just might also play a role in keeping you happy and healthy, as studies have shown. It is a proven fact that the facial muscles used when you smile are responsible for releasing certain substances into your body which improve your mood, relieve stress and can even boost your immune system. Contact us today on (03) 8845 5400 to book a consultation or to simply find out more information about our cosmetic procedures, dental implants and tooth replacement options at our Melbourne clinic.

Plates Are NOT for Eating…

Dentures are plastic plates that loosely fit in your mouth, and have been used as an economical way to replace missing teeth. But dentures have many limitations not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in the type of foods you can eat, your ability to taste your food, the affects on your speech, discomfort and looseness.

Permanent alternatives to dentures have often entailed a drawn-out process that comes at a substantial cost. But for some time now, CAID has been using cutting-edge techniques for fixed teeth replacement that is not only functional and aesthetic , but also immediate and far more cost-effective. The All On 4 Plus dental implants method is our own trademark, and is considered today’s best alternative to dentures or deteriorated natural teeth.

Experienced Implantologists and Cosmetic Dentists

Melbourne is known as the sporting and lifestyle capital of Australia, where results always matter! Our clinic offers experienced Cosmetic Dentists in Melbourne who can assess your smile and advise you on your options in getting the results that you may have always wanted and that fit with the Melbourne standard.

Headed by highly regarded implant surgeon, Dr Alex Fibishenko, our team of general, dental implants and cosmetic dentists in Melbourne, along with dental auxiliary personnel is dedicated to providing each patient with an experience that meets their highest expectations, be it cosmetic smile beautification or single and full set tooth replacement solutions with dental implants

Keep the Whole Family Smiling

In addition to the specialised dental implants services and procedures that we provide in our Melbourne clinic, we also offer all aspects of general dentistry and preventative maintenance for adults and children. That means from your initial consultation and x-rays to the final result, you are not likely to need to step outside the clinic; and, we hope, you won't want to.

We offer suitable patients the 'No Braces Teeth Straightening' with InvisalignTM, Brite Smile and other methods of teeth whitening, Somno-Med snoring devices for Sleep Apnoea.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry is an option available for adults and children who are or those with busy lifestyles and wish to complete their entire treatment in the one session. Treatment is then undertaken whilst the patient is asleep under the supervision of a specialist anaesthetist, who uses modern and advanced equipment.

To organise a consultation with one of our professional General or Cosmetic Dentists in Melbourne contact CAID today on (03) 8845 5400.

Teeth Replacement

There is often nothing worse than losing your confidence due to missing teeth, especially when they are replaced by a loose denture. Our implantologists are highly experienced in both singular and multiple tooth replacement solutions with dental implants in Melbourne.

The procedures for undertaking tooth replacement with implants may require several visits, but with an all-encompassing facility, we always strive for a most streamlined process for permanent and stable teeth to be installed.